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The French countryside is my home, and it always has been. Like most kids, I spent my fair share of time glued to my screen playing Street Fighter and Super Mario. However, the real games started when I stepped outside. I often spend my days camping, fishing, roller-skating, and riding my mountain bike by sunlight. Come moonlight, I was gaze up to the starry heavens free from pollution.

My entire life has been one big outdoor adventure, where I have always spent most of my time with my friends. Naturally, I developed an insatiable hunger to explore the outside world. I remember our summer vacations like they were just last week. We always used these opportunities to experiment with new adventures, like hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, and more.
My Dad raised me to have deep respect for mother nature and all she has to offer. Today, my Dad and I share the same passion for exploring the grandeur of the Earth together – something we immediately schedule in whenever I venture back to France for a visit. I try to do so around once a year, taking advantage of every beautiful moment mother nature gifts us with. Every year, we embark on a one-week hike in the French Alps.

When I first started moving around the world, the longing for the outdoors kicked in. I relocated from Paris to Shanghai and now Hong Kong – and I immediately starting feeling the hunger for outdoor adventure build up. It’s the only way to recharge my batteries and refuel my creative mind.

You’d be surprised at how many breathtaking spots, trails, and outdoor activities are nestled in even the biggest of cities. In Hong Kong, I wasted no time in finding them.

My Life Motto

I will always keep the promise I made to myself to never stop seeking health and happiness outside of closed doors. It’s the only way to live a balanced life that feeds your body, mind, and spirit.
If happiness is the goal, and it should be, then adventures should be a priority.
Richard Branson

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