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I’ve always been on the go – moving from one town to another, traveling the world, or seeking out new adventures in the mountains. For most of my childhood, I spent my free time playing ice hockey, which, while cold doesn’t involve spending a lot of time outside. In high school, however, I moved to New York State’s Adirondacks and started rock and ice climbing nearly every day, heading into the mountains as much as possible.

Fast forward a few years, and I started working as a climbing guide in Alaska while finishing up my undergraduate studies in philosophy. My love for the outdoors led me to pursue a master’s degree in outdoor education at the University of Edinburgh and to become a full-time outdoor educator. After moving to Scotland, I found a new fondness for traveling, which I now try to do whenever I’m not working.
These days, I split my time between the Arctic and the Antarctic, working as a guide, lecturer, and Zodiac driver for a number of different companies. To me, the sheer vastness and remoteness of the Antarctic, the culture of the Arctic, and the wildlife of both poles inspire me to introduce others to some of these wild and beautiful places.

When I’m not working in the polar regions, you can find me drinking espresso, writing, reading philosophy, taking photos of the local wildlife, traveling to the world’s most amazing places, or seeking out time in the mountains.

In the end, I love educating others on the outdoors so they, too, can experience all that jagged peaks, dense forests, and vast oceans have to offer.

My Life Motto

Pourquoi Pas? (Why Not?) Antarctic explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot’s fourth ship was named Pourquoi Pas? And it embodied his spirit of adventure, something I strive for every day.
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver

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