About Ian

The outdoors has always been what I consider to be my home. While I was born and raised in Central Illinois, I quickly sought out geography with a bit more texture. I moved around, working as an outdoor educator until landing in Western North Carolina, where I began my career working in wilderness therapy. For the next three years, I took kids out into the woods to help them get their lives back on track.

When I found a job opportunity doing the same thing in Southeast Alaska, I jumped on the opportunity immediately. I canoed around the ocean, hopping from island to island, for a month and a half at a time with small groups of kids that needed space from the rest of the world. When COVID hit, I picked up and moved to Greece with my partner to live amongst the mountains, write, and work with refugee kids.
At the end of the day, I don’t know what I would do without the outdoors. The trees, rocks, and flowing water is what brings life to my soul. It’s this love that makes me want to share the outdoors with anyone that will listen (or read). 

If I’m not outside, I will undoubtedly be found with my dog, wife, and a good book, nestled into some soft spot and reading. Whether it be fantasy or nature writing, I am always taking my brain to a more magical place. 

Now, I reflect on my journey that has brought me here. While I may not ever be Harry Potter or John Muir, my life is filled with people and places that take care of me. If I can give that back to anyone, I will go to sleep happy.

My Life Motto

Get outside, be curious, and never, never, stop playing.
Be curious, not judgemental
Walt Whitman
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