Best Nordic Walking Pole Tips of 2021 (Guide & Reviews)

by Claude Heron
Last Updated: February 9, 2021

Whether you’re brand new to Nordic walking or have been a fan of this form of exercise for some time, ensuring the longevity of your walking poles is key to increase your performance and reduce shock impact when out on the trail. One way to do this is through the use of Nordic walking pole tips that you can place over the traditional carbide or metal tips that your poles come with.

For a thorough guide to the benefits and uses of the best Nordic walking pole tips, plus our review of the top 5 best Nordic walking pole tips for outdoor enthusiasts, keep scrolling.

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The top 5 nordic walking pole tips we recommend for 2021:

The Outdoor Enthusiast's Guide to the Best Nordic Walking Pole Tips

Here’s what you need to know about picking the best Nordic walking pole tips for your next outdoor adventure.

Why Use Tips?

Nordic walking poles typically come with integrated carbide or hard metal tips at the end of the poles. These tips serve to offer you sufficient grip and traction on a wide range of surfaces, including ice, snow, standard trails, and any other type of terrain you might encounter. The trouble is, with extended use, these built-in tips can become worn out and damaged over time.

The best way to extend the longevity of those built-in tips and keep your Nordic walking poles in mint condition is to purchase removable, rubber tips for enhanced protection and shock absorption. The great thing about the best Nordic walking pole tips is that they will give you increased stability and support when you are dealing with rough, uneven, or very hard terrain.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key uses and benefits of the best Nordic walking pole tips.

Enhanced Traction

If you’re going to be Nordic walking on varied terrain such as pavement, rock, concrete, etc., you might find your poles slipping or producing way more shock impact than is comfortable with each stroke.

The good news is, the best Nordic walking pole tips offer increased traction, so you don’t have to worry about your poles slipping if you encounter a slick or uneven surface. The rubber also helps shield the shock impact emanating through the poles that you would otherwise feel when walking on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

Shield the Built-In Tips

Another reason you’re going to want to find the best Nordic walking pole tips for your next excursion is to shield the tips already integrated into the poles’ design. The carbide and metal tips that are already built into your Nordic walking poles are definitely durable, but they will wear out over time, particularly in the case of frequent use.

By protecting the built-in carbide or metal tips with rubber tips, you’ll not only greatly increase the longevity of your Nordic walking pole components, but get the most out of your investment to ensure you don’t have to run out and buy replacements all the time.

Environmental Considerations

It may surprise you to learn that the benefits of purchasing the best Nordic walking pole tips for your outdoor needs don’t just extend to the poles themselves, but can also have an impact on the environment you’re trekking in. When you use your Nordic walking poles on any surface, the impact on the ground (particularly on sensitive terrain) can be quite damaging. The built-in metal tips can really do a number on the ground you’re walking on.

In fact, some parks actually require tourists to insert rubber ends on their trekking poles to protect the ground in environmentally vulnerable areas or historic regions. If you travel with your Nordic walking poles, you’re will also find that removable rubber tips are going to help protect your other gear from being damaged by the poles’ much harder, built-in tips.

While most trekking poles include plastic caps for easy transport if you’re moving from place to place, it is critical to note that these are not durable or sturdy enough to use as tips when walking.

Less Noisy

Another reason why it’s key to invest in the best Nordic walking pole tips is that they make for far less noisy trekking. The right tips greatly reduce the noise and vibration from the impact of your poles with each walking stroke, making for a more comfortable, soothing hiking experience.

Performance Enhancing

The best Nordic walking pole tips can actually enhance your overall exercise performance. Many of the best Nordic walking pole tips are aptly named “fitness tips,” which means they have a different design from basic rubber tips.

These fitness tips are made especially for forms of exercise like Nordic walking and have an integrated shape that helps propel you forward with each movement. If you are a frequent Nordic walker, the best Nordic walking pole tips with these fitness aiding components are going to be your new best friend.

What to Look For

There are several key components you need to keep an eye out for when purchasing the best Nordic walking pole tips for your outdoor adventures. First, the quality of the material matters. You should select walking pole tips designed from premium or vulcanized rubber that will fit with ease over the built-in metal or carbide tips while being durable enough to hold up against the impact of exercise.

The best Nordic walking pole tips should be very portable, easy to use, and simple to install. They should be easily stored in your gear if not in use while being compatible with a wide range of poles. If you own a few different brands of trekking poles, having rubber tips you can rely on for more than one set of poles will make your life infinitely easier.

Besides this, many of the best Nordic walking pole tips come in multipacks, so once the rubber finally does wear out, you can simply switch the old tips out for new ones with ease.

Our Review of the Top 5 Best Nordic Walking Pole Tips

Check out the top 5 best Nordic walking pole tips and our thorough review of each. Keep reading to discover our number one pick!

Filfeel Trekking Hiking Walking Pole Replacement Tips

  • High-quality rubber
  • Basket design
  • Large contact area to stabilize you when walking
  • Comes in a pack of 5
  • Could be a bit bulky to use at first
  • Might take up more weight in your pack than smaller tips would

Our first pick for the best Nordic walking pole tips are the Filfeel Replacement Tips. We love these tips because they are designed to be compatible with a wide range of trekking poles and to hold up against almost any type of terrain you can imagine. They will keep you stabilized in terrains like sand, mud, or snow while being very lightweight and not altering the ergonomics of your poles in any way.

We like that the Filfeel Walking Pole Replacement Tips are designed from quality rubber with an extensive point of contact area, that provides extra support for the poles and keeps them from sinking into soft, uneven terrain. These tips are super easy to install, and you can easily transport them in your pack with the rest of your gear when not in use. The tips come in a set of 5, so you can rely on them to last you for many Nordic walking excursions to come.

The basket design of these trekking pole tips is impressive because this not only reduces the force of impact while you walk but helps support your stride, ensuring a change in terrain won’t undermine your performance.
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Montem Trekking Pole Nordic Walking Fitness Tip Protectors

  • The rugged design on the bottom to enhance performance and increase stability
  • Designed specifically for Nordic trekking poles
  • Very lightweight at just 0.6 ounces
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Very shock absorbent
  • Designed to fit most but not all metal-tipped poles
  • May not be ideal for heavy hikes

Our next pick for the best Nordic walking pole tips is the highly durable Montem Trekking Pole Nordic Walking Fitness Tip Protectors, featuring a pack of 2 tips designed from high quality vulcanized rubber. These pole tips are designed specifically for Nordic poles, and while they are compatible with the brand’s proprietary trekking poles, they also fit the vast majority of other poles available on the market.

We love the vulcanized rubber design which will safeguard your poles’ built-in metal tips while keeping them protected whether you’re using the poles or transporting them to your next destination. We also like that these Nordic walking poles are made to hold up against high impact walking on very hard surfaces to absorb some of the shocks of movement. These tips are incredibly lightweight at just 0.6 ounces and feature a one-year limited warranty for users.

The rugged edge design on the bottom of the tips will aid in propulsion as you walk while stabilizing your movements, which is just what we look for in the best Nordic walking pole tips.
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ManGo Trading 10 Pack Rubber Trekking Poles Tips

  • Comes in a 10-pack
  • Very durable
  • Ideal for rough and smooth terrain
  • Premium rubber composite material
  • Features handy carabiner with the set of tips
  • A little pricier than some
  • The design might not be quite as shock absorbent

The ManGo Trading Rubber Trekking Pole Tips made it to our list of the best Nordic walking pole tips for their handy 10-pack and embedded metal washer design. We just love how durable these pole tips are, with a rubber design that holds up well against wilderness and trail terrain. The pack of 10 means that you won’t have to go out and pick up another replacement pack anytime soon.

The tips themselves are designed from a premium rubber composite, which means that you’ll have enhanced grip and traction for on and off the grid Nordic walking adventures. These tips are made for versatility to fit a wide range of Nordic walking pole brands. The tips are 1.4 inches high with a pole opening diameter of 0.43 inches. As a fun bonus feature, this pack of 10 pole tips comes with a handy backpack carabiner so you can secure any external gear with ease.
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PaceMaker Stix Pair of Extended Life Vulcanized Rubber Replacement Tip

  • Cost-effective
  • Paw-like design for premium traction and grip
  • Rated to last 500 miles
  • One-year warranty
  • Very shock absorbent
  • Reduces noise when walking
  • Has a tendency to fall off certain poles
  • Bulkier option than some other tips available

The Pacemaker Stix Rubber Tips are some of the best Nordic walking pole tips available due to their vulcanized rubber material and paw-like design that offers premiums grip and traction for just about any terrain you’re going to be trekking on. PaceMaker Stix rates these tips to last you for 500 miles, or they’ll replace them under their one year warranty.

We love these vulcanized rubber ferrules because they provide incredible shock absorption power and greatly reduce the amount of noise your poles make when they hit the ground. We also like how versatile these best Nordic walking pole tips are, designed to fit almost any brand of pole you have. Whether you’re going to be Nordic walking on gravel, asphalt, or otherwise, these tips are a dependable option to keep you going for many miles ahead.

They are also incredibly affordable, which is always a nice bonus.
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TrailBuddy 6-Piece Pack Rubber Tips for Trekking Poles

  • Fits most brands of poles
  • Offers great traction on terrains like rocky areas, roads, and pavement
  • Integrated metal washers for durability and protection
  • Lowers noise
  • Reduces damage to the terrain
  • Doesn’t offer as great traction on asphalt as some other products
  • The design may not be long enough for certain poles

Our final pick for the best Nordic walking pole tips are these 6-piece Pack Rubber Tips by TrailBuddy. We chose these tips because they are compatible with just about any standard size trekking pole featuring a pole orifice of 0.43 inches to offer a quality fit. We like the premium rubber design of these tips because they offer impressive traction on terrains like roads, pavement, and rocky regions.

These tips are also designed to help protect the environment you’re walking in and reduce damage to terrain when your poles strike the ground. The compact design of these rubber tips aids in noise reduction during your trek. The feature that really stood out is the tips’ integrated metal washers that extend their longevity of use and provide an extra barrier of protection for the built-in metal or carbide pole tips.
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Our Final Verdict

Each of the best Nordic walking pole tips on our list are quality options to suit almost any brand of Nordic walking poles you own. That said, our favorite pick from the group was undoubtedly the Pacemaker Stix Rubber Tips. We really loved the paw-like design for impressive grip and traction, while the vulcanized rubber material is highly durable and dependable when dealing with a wide range of terrain types.

We really liked the fact that PaceMaker rates these tips to last users 500 miles or they’ll offer a full replacement. Plus, the design of the rubber ferrules aids in significant noise reduction and offers greater stability to the walker. For enhanced sturdiness, better performance, terrain protection, shock absorption, and noise reduction when on the road, the Pacemaker Stix Rubber Tips stand supreme in our book as the best Nordic walking pole tips.

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