Whether you’re a beginner hiker, just getting used to terms like “elevation gain” and “base weight,” or an intermediate hiker who already knows all the ropes, a pair of hiking pants can make or break your hike.

With women’s hiking pants, you might feel like you need to sacrifice aspects like comfort and durability for style. Take it from me, and don’t settle on a pair of hiking pants you’re not 100% sold on.

The top 5 women’s hiking pants we recommend for 2021:

How to Choose the Best Women’s Hiking Pants

A great hiking pant can revitalize your hike, so why settle for something you don’t like? What works for me is figuring out what exactly I want in a women’s hiking pant. So if it’s a relaxed fit, I’ll prioritize that above other things. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to pick and choose assets.

To find my favorite hiking pants, I tried a few different variants, brands, and styles to determine what features I appreciate most. In my case, I tend to like a relaxed fit and waistband, so my movement isn’t constricted, and I also enjoy hiking pants that are “weather-proof” and offer protection from the sun and rain.

It’s a good idea to check and see what the pant’s fabric is made out of. Is it nylon? Polyester? This can have an impact on whether or not the pant is machine washable. I tend to prefer hiking pants that can be thrown in the washer with the rest of my laundry as it’s more convenient for me.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiking Pants?

Although it depends on your personal preferences, I’ve identified a few advantages and disadvantages of women’s hiking pants that I often notice when looking for a new pair.


I love a hiking pant that has a relaxed or looser fit, so I can move more easily while I hike. A mid-rise pant is usually perfect for me; I’m not a huge fan of low-rise hiking pants.

Similarly, I also look for hiking pants that are made of more lightweight material. If you’ve ever made the mistake of hiking in a heavier material like denim jeans, you know that water weighs down the material significantly, and let’s face it: it’s just plain uncomfortable. You won’t have to worry about that with pants made of lightweight material.

I’m no stranger to hiking, and as such, I don’t like to settle for baggy hiking pants that aren’t flattering on my body type. Fashion or style is a priority to me, and a nice trouser-style pant is my favorite.

If you like to hike in all types of weather and climates, you might also consider “weather-proof” pants as an advantage. Hiking pants that have either an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of at least 50 or a durable water repellent (DWR) coating helps to keep the rain at bay (or both).

Many hikers prefer to have pants that can “transform” from long pants to shorter, capris pants. Not only does this feature help you get more wear out of your hiking pants, but is also a great option when hiking in warmer climates.


Thin or straight leg pants can be a disadvantage as the cut of the pants can limit your movement when hiking.

If you’re like most outdoor enthusiasts, you might want to avoid hiking pants that don’t provide adequate pockets. If you’ve ever tried to fit something as small as your key in a tiny “fake” pocket, you’ll understand the value a couple of regular pockets offer.

Of course, like many other items of clothing, it can also be challenging to find a good fit, and women’s hiking pants are no exception. As someone who’s bought her fair share of hiking pants, it does take a bit of trial and error sometimes, which can be frustrating.

Best Women’s Hiking Pants Reviews

With all that to take into consideration, here are my recommendations for the best women’s hiking pants, including where they exceed and where they might fall flat.

PrAna The Halle Pant

PrAna The Halle Pant on white background
PrAna The Halle Pant
A rugged pair of pants cut from stretch Zion fabric
The PrAna, The Halle Pant, uses material that will wick your skin dry and keep you comfortable on the trail with a water repellent finish.
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  • The stretch “Zion” performance fabric allows for better movement
  • The fit is ideal for various body types
  • These pants come in a plethora of various colors and shades
  • The trouser style is fashionable and feminine
  • The pant’s drawstring also ensures there isn’t a gap in the back
  • The pockets in this Halle pant are too small
  • The front buttons were a little loose, so they might have to be re-sewn on later after a few washes
  • The pant material could be a bit lighter weight

The Halle pant is made out of PrAna’s stretch “Zion” performance fabric, and thanks to its abrasion- and water-resistant material, you can hike without worrying about the fabric ripping or getting weighed down if it gets wet.

The trouser, mid-rise style, which is available in more than 15 colors, looks dressier than some of the more “rugged” looking hiking pants, which makes them a versatile option for your wardrobe.

Like to roll up your pant legs? The Halle pant’s roll-up leg feature allows you to roll up the pants until they’re about knee length.

It has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, which means that even when you’re hiking on a hot, sunny day, the fabric should keep you cool and dry.
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Camii Mia Women's Hiking Fleece Pant

PrAna The Halle Pant on white background
Camii Mia Women's Hiking Fleece Pant
A windproof and waterproof, lightweight pair of hiking pants
The Camii Mia Women's Hiking Fleece Pant uses nylon and spandex, and it comes with slant pockets and knee padding to keep you comfortable and your gear safe.
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  • Flattering style with a practical design
  • Adequate amount of and size of pockets for securing valuables
  • The fleece lining is also attractive, especially if you like hiking in colder climates
  • A versatile pant for all outdoor enthusiasts
  • No special washing instructions
  • Although these pants are water-resistant, they’re not waterproof, which can be a turn off for some hikers
  • The fit may be too slim for some
  • Fleece-lined hiking pants may be too warm for those who live in warmer or more temperate climates

As far as outdoor apparel goes, Camii Mia offers hiking pants that aren’t baggy or loose, but entirely flattering. As someone who gets sick of women’s hiking pants that sag near the waist, this pant from Camii Mia was a breath of fresh air.

Another thing I adore about Camii Mia’s hiking pants for women is just how versatile they are. Even though I love hiking, I also enjoy other adventurous outdoor activities.

This particular style also has a multitude of pockets, which I love. I can fit my knife, my cell phone, matches, and insect repellent within the pockets of this women’s hiking pant from Camii Mia.
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Mountain Hardwear Womens Dynama Pant for Hiking

Camii Mia Women's Hiking Fleece Pant on white background
Mountain Hardwear Womens Dynama Pant for Hiking
A pant that seamlessly transitions from hiking and bouldering to office wear
The Mountain Hardwear Women's Dynama Pant for Hiking gives you a feminine fit with a stretchy nylon-spandex fabric to make them more versatile and comfortable.
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  • Comfortable and stretchy without feeling too loose
  • These pants also aren’t very noisy when you walk or hike
  • The flexible waistband also provides a more relaxed fit
  • A variety of colors besides the usual neutral colors
  • This hiking pant has a limited warranty
  • Depending on the fit, the single midline seam can make the pants can be a bit unflattering in the front
  • This brand also seems to run a little big
  • These won’t protect you in snowy or freezing conditions

Because I love a more relaxed fit, the Women’s Dynama Pant from Mountain Hardwear stood out to me. My favorite part about these pants is the lightweight, flexible material they’re made out of.

The stretchy waistband is flexible enough that I get the relaxed fit I’m looking for, but not so much so that the pants are hanging off my waist. This style also comes in a large variety of colors.

The pants have a durable water repellent (DWR) coating, which prevents light rain or mist from totally soaking your pants. As far as sun protection, this brand and style have an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50.

Something important to me — especially as an avid hiker and adventurer — is the warranty. Mountain Hardwear offers a limited lifetime warranty, which covers imperfections in the materials and the quality.
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Little Donkey Andy Women's Convertible Hiking Pant

Little Donkey Andy Women's Convertible Hiking Pant on white background
Little Donkey Andy Women's Convertible Hiking Pant
A pair of pants with four-way stretch for maximum versatility
The Little Donkey Andy Women's Convertible Hiking Pant zips off at the knees to convert into shorts, and the fabric dries quickly while wicking moisture away from your skin.
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  • There are plenty of pockets
  • The zip-off capability lets women transform these long pants into capris-style shorts
  • Its elastic waist inserts made it even more comfortable and adjustable
  • Very lightweight fabric
  • The pants won’t drag in the mud or dirt as you walk
  • These pants aren’t water-resistant, so if it rains, they’re going to get wet
  • These hiking pants are a bit noisier than other brands when you walk
  • The fabric could have more stretch

Little Donkey Andy’s hiking pants are incredibly comfortable and not just for the first 20 minutes of your hike; they’re comfortable all day. I loved the fabric because it gave me a full range of motion, unlike other, more restrictive hiking pants I’ve worn. It’s a blend of polyester and spandex.

The pants have an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+ to protect you from the sun, and they’re pretty lightweight, so I didn’t feel too weighed down as I hiked. Because the fabric is so light, it dries pretty quickly if you get caught in the rain while exploring.

Now for the convertible part. I’ve hiked in pretty temperamental climates before. So, in other words, when I began my hike, it was pretty cold. As the hours went on, the temperature spiked, leaving me a sweating mess. I definitely could’ve used these pants to avoid that, thanks to their zip-off capabilities. These long pants can transform into shorts that will fall just above the knee, which I appreciate.
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Columbia Women's Extended Saturday Trail Pant

Columbia Women's Extended Saturday Trail Pant on white background
Columbia Women's Extended Saturday Trail Pant
A pant with a two-way stretch to improve your range of motion
The Columbia Women's Extended Saturday Trail Pant has a body-skimming fit for maximum comfort, and they dry quickly when you're out on the trail.
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  • These pants can transform into capris
  • It’s Omni-Shield, and Omni-Shade features also allow wearers to use these hiking pants in hotter conditions
  • The two-way stretch and mid-rise waist can help aid movement when you hike
  • The articulated knees and hem cinching also allows them to be more adjustable to your liking
  • They’re also machine washable
  • These pants do seem to run a bit small, so sizing might be an issue
  • This brand didn’t offer many exciting colors besides neutrals
  • These hiking pants could be more stretchy than they are

Based on my experience with these women’s hiking pants, Columbia knows how to make a resourceful pant without sacrificing the other aspects I love: comfort, style, and durability.

Some of the other features I love include the Omni-Shield and Omni-Shade protections. The Omni-Shade refers to the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50 to defend against those harmful UV rays. The Omni-Shield, on the other hand, refers to the water and stain repellent that ensures the pants keep you both dry and cool.

If you’ve ever sweated your way through a long or particularly taxing hike as I have, you’ll know how nice it is to have a pant that doesn’t lock in heat or sweat.
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What’s the Verdict?

The Women’s Dry, Convertible Hiking Pants from Little Donkey Andy is my favorite pick for best women’s hiking pants.

These hiking pants are not only very comfortable but have plenty of pockets, which many women’s pants lack. Because they’re so adaptable, I can wear these if I’m hiking in colder conditions or warmer conditions, so I have more control over where I can comfortably hike.

These pants from Little Donkey Andy checked off my most important boxes and ultimately allowed me to keep doing what I love: exploring the outdoors.

If you’re looking for a dressier looking pair of hiking pants that are comfortable and versatile, the Halle Pant from PrAna is my top recommendation.

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