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The Outdoors Connects You To Nature, But Also To Each Other
Established in 2019, Outdoors Generations was formed by a father and son team of passionate hikers and campers. For as long as the pair can remember, their link to nature has been unbreakable. Claude is a retiree in his 70s who has partnered with his son, Julien, to fuel their passion for adventure and travel.

While Claude is retired, Hiking and Nordic Walking maintain his youthful streak. Julien is passionate about adventure and traveling, enjoying all the physical and mental health benefits, increased performance, and of course, the odd challenge.
Established in 2019, Outdoors Generations was formed by a father and son team of passionate hikers and campers.

What inspired us

When we first started hiking, we quickly noticed how challenging it is to plan everything, pack appropriately, (not too much or too little), and understand our physical strengths and weaknesses. Based on this experience, we realized that three key elements make a great hike: Responsibility, safety, and enjoyment. We want to use this website to share this important insight with other hikers

Providing the confidence you need

Outdoors Generations is a multi-generational blog committed to educating its readers on the must-know technical knowledge of being outdoors, along with what equipment you should never step outside without, giving you the confidence required to fully enjoy the hiking experience, worry-free.
We want to make Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking more enjoyable for people of all ages, inspiring and motivating others to venture outside with confidence and education.
Outdoors Generations - Mission Statement

Explore the Outdoors with Confidence

Be Mentally and Physically Prepared

We’re committed to improving your lifestyle, showing you how to plan, pack properly, and know your abilities and limits.

Recharge your Mind, Body and Soul

Hiking is an affordable way to refresh, reboot, and rewire your connection with mother nature.

Get Educated

Here, you’ll find endless tips and guides for hiking, camping, and backpacking – along with the best products on the market, based on experience, research and passion.

Fuel your Passion

We are dedicated to feeding your passion for the outside world, arming you with the knowledge and equipment information you need to know.

Without the right knowledge or equipment, camping, hiking, and backpacking can be tough.

We don’t want anything to compromise your time outside, and you can swiftly maximize your confidence by implementing the knowledge and equipment details we will be sharing with you. We hope to inspire you to spread the word and get more people outside.
We believe nothing should keep you from doing the things you love, which is why we work hard to source the best products out there so you can stay at the top of your outdoor game. We’re here to make hiking fun, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for all.

Methodology: Content You Can Trust

At Outdoors Generations, you’ll never find content taken from unverified sources. What’s more, we’ll never recommend products without real-world insight and proof – including our own real experience.
Methodology on how we review outdoors gears
We are committed to publishing content that’s 100% accurate and verified, helping our readers make the most informed online purchasing decisions possible.

While we always do our best to buy the products we’re recommending, it’s not always possible. In a case like this, we conduct in depth research, including looking at product information, online reviews and feedback from thousands of happy customers.

Our research saves you time on painstaking research and allows you to focus on making the most of your time outdoors.
Oh, and sometimes we even hang out at our local stores to get to know staff and the goods they sell. We’re always working hard to find products you’ll love! We want to make it fun and easy to plan trips outside, and as with anything in life, knowledge is power.

At the end of the day, we want Outdoors Generations to be the one-stop resource you can visit for trusted advice, knowledge, and guidance. We want you to be able to plan better trips and make better decisions.

What You’ll Gain

We’ll be posting regular content on how to acquire newfound confidence when camping and hiking. We’ll suggest resources and equipment we ourselves would invest in, so you can make more informed purchasing decisions, plan (and pack) appropriately, and know your limits.

When safety is guaranteed, you can focus on planning better trips and enjoying every moment. Reading Outdoors Generations will drastically improve your time outside.
We want to help outdoor-lovers camp, hike, and backpack more responsibly and comfortably, with plenty of time to focus on the moments that matter with the people that matter.
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We want to make Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking more enjoyable for people of all ages, inspiring and motivating others to venture outside with confidence.
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